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Nightmares (eyes closed)

Insanity (eyes open)
Nightmarish Insanity

"Why did you have to die!" "Why did you have to die!"

A man cried while punching the ground of a grave.

"I'm sorry, is this your wife's grave?"

Asked a nearby onlooker.

"No...this is my wife's first husband."

Maybe our whole idea of love is backwards? I mean marriage is a big step but what if it's more of a catalyst.

catalyst = (love == spark) ? "speed-up" : "slow-down"

marriage = catalyst

Most of the time you fall in love with a person get all of the love out of your system just trying to determine if they're worth taking the next step with, all the while you're wasting time and delaying the inevitable only to (most of the time) have the relationship fall apart because of marriage.

What if you meet a person, have a spark then marry them. That way the whole falling in love thing/getting to know each other/ happiness thing is actually apart of the marriage.

Dumbs thoughts from a recluse.


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