is it?

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I don't really have a brain to refrain me from swerving in yo lane with a knife severin my main membrane and con-vein deep tissues

I miss you boo so institutional how I go by the book for you and...then go buy your favorite book for you


Choose me or the world cus within me is a world to explore never a bore
So if I do surprise you an I toss it up so much you say damn he brough dick too

But salads are for wabbits hip hop is bout the cabbage and my soup has a hare...playin possum bout my cares...see heart bleeds not on sleeves but down by inner in-betweens and feet skeet skeet on fleek


or is it just me


Ain't eyes meant to see? The tongue meant to hear? The heart meant to break?
May the real conquistador the fake

But let me hit the brakes before these ve hics start to v ape

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