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I hate pancakes. Hate rasin bran / sunny days.

Happiness is just a dumb illusion. Everyone lives it up while their young because when you get old you have to settle down and stop having fun. That's the most idiotic thing ever...you'll never stop living. The only thing you can't do when you're old is work; think about it, after a certain age you'll begin to lose your physical and mental strength and that's not to say you're dumb or weak but you won't be a construction worker or creating some scientific break through in your mid-60s.

When I was young I was depressed. Everything in the world was moving and getting better and all I could do was watch. Face it our primary education revolved around being popular.

var student = {  
    name = "irrelevant"
    race = "eh"
    iq = "whatever"
    clothing_brand = "omg! that's so awesome"
    speaking_decibal = "the louder the better"

Sure we've evolved alittle and now it's cool to be different so let's adjust this.

var student = {  
    name = "Woah that's exotic"
    race = "Woah you're from that country"
    iq = "whatever"
    clothing_brand = "Thift Store" || "Urban Outfitters"
    "glasses" = "The bigger the better"

But then no matter what the properties of a student are if they don't make the popular cut by being "weird" enough then "Fuck You".

In the real world (college and beyond) you finaly have your chance. You have opportunity, resources, freedom to do some stuff and change the world. But instead we feel a need to live it up and waste our youth and then once we're 40 or so we decide to value our intelligence and true differences and call ourselves boring.

Remove yourself from any and everything you've ever been told.

Fail often and learn from it. You never stop living, every stage of life has balance. Find your work enjoyable and you'll never work again.

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