Forever Only Outlasts Winter

Adurna cover

Why am I here?

How did I even get involved?

What's the point. Put in work, get a result. Life is simple until you take into account humans and the practical impracticality that they (read:we) will ever be more than a meat sack brought to life -- only to be a constant let down to a semi-distant father figure.

Why even bother. Love is a joke. Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jabe Jabe Jabe Jabe Jabe Jabe Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Joke Joke Joke Joke Joke Joke Joke Joke Poke. In all actuality, you can only be chased and if you say to anyone (read:even yourself) that you love's over. You can no longer live with yourself.

ls -l

Endocrine Digestive Nervous  
.. .

ls -a

Endocrine Digestive Nervous .feelings

rm -rf .feelings

sudo shutdown now  

But I digress, give in to stress and take a rest

It's quite a ribbley (read: bumpy, boney, repetitive) road to travel down. You yourself are a piece of garbage but why let anyone else know. You're nothing to them if not a prong in the ladder but if you give them a splinter at the very least they'll remember.

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