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Can (n)e-one hear me?

Why, everything? Contrary. Think.

If all it takes is a "pretty please" or a quivering lip then why deny the person what they wanted anyway. People are (), the things they do make absolutely no sense. We often times value each other's opinion more than the truth. Though I will admit that a person can only be described by their "friends", your actions should only reflect YOU.

Our nature is flawed and we must rely on others in our everyday life. I like to think that you only need a person when you need a person. The people around you should be temporary, enhance their lives and learn from them but soon move on. be like water is the motto to follow.

I can't love another human, I can't bond with another human, I can't trust another human...fully. There's not necessarily distrust but I'm never fully committed to anything so when I blah blah blah(you know what I mean) it's never a big deal. be like water.

Poof, I'm hungry again and my taste for meat is plummeting since I became a vegetarian (read: rabbit).

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